Vacant Property Resources

Vacant property is a common problem for Detroit neighborhoods. Many safety issues arise from vacant and open property that is left unaddressed. Neighborhood groups seeking to create change in their neighborhood and clean up these properties have resources available to them to deal with vacant properties on their block.

The Vacant Property Coalition of Detroit ( is a community group that has dedicated themselves to advocating for Detroit residents that are trying to deal with vacant properties in their neighborhoods. They advocate for code enforcement, blight prevention, community awareness of resources and inspiring action to address vacant properties. The group keeps an up to date resource directory that provides Detroit residents with strategies and resources that can be used to effectively respond to vacant properties. They also produce a guide for residents called the Vacant Property Toolbox, now in its 2nd edition. This guide is excellent and is a great starting point for community members looking for help with dealing vacant properties in their neighborhood.

Vacant Property Coalition of Detroit Resource Directory-

Vacant Property Coalition of Detroit Vacant Property Toolbox, 2nd Edition-