Want to bring us to your neighborhood?

Block clubs

Members can assist with neighborhood block clubs to create change block by block. Click on the icon for more info.

Car Safety

To learn more about our free wheel lock initiative, VINetching events and other tips to deter vehicle thefts, click on the icon.

School Safe Routes

To find out more about how to create safe routes to public transit and schools for children, click on the icon.

Home safety assessment

Members conduct free assessments and give supplies to keep your home safe and deter theft. Click on the icon for more info.

What it takes

  •  Detroit Resident
  •  17-24 years old
  •  10 weeks of community engagement
  •  Commitment to Detroit

What you get

  •  Biweekly Living Stipend
  •  Money for College (education award)
  •  Skill Building
  •  Educational support
  • College/Career readiness training
  • Community Engagement

Contact Us

To find out more about how to bring our services to your neighborhood, or how to become a member of the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program, please click the link below.

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