Home Safety Assessments

Home Safety Assessments (HSAs) are one of the main tools the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project (AMUS) uses to help secure homes and property of block club members. The assessments are conducted during a visit to the resident’s home by a trained AMUS member. A short survey tool is used to evaluate the safety of the home and to provide cost effective recommendations to protect against home invasion and to deter automobile related crimes. All residents participating in HSAs receive a pack of long lasting CFL light bulbs to help increase lighting around their home; they also have a choice between a Masterlock door bar or a two-pack of window/door alarms, as well as the option of having a new deadbolt lock installed on an entrance door. Home Safety Assessments (HSAs) are available for block club members that reside in areas that AMUS target areas. Contact AMUS today to see if you qualify. 

Resident FAQ

Will this cost me anything?

Nothing at all! The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project covers the cost of all the safety equipment that is distributed to residents. Performing the assessments is part of every member’s job duties. Our goal is to make Detroit a safer place,and this is one way we do it!

How is this program funded?

AmeriCorps is a national, federally-funded initiative. Wayne State sponsors the Urban Safety

Project. The security supplies were purchased using grant money provided by The Citrin Foundation.

Why do you need to take pictures/video?

Our funder needs to see that the Urban Safety Project is utilizing its grant funds in an

appropriate manner (which is to say, they want proof that we’re doing what we say we would).

Creating and giving them videos is one of the most important ways we can accomplish this.

Will my identity/address be revealed?

Absolutely NO personal or identifying information will be shared. No one’s address will be visible

in any portion of the videos. We would love it if you’re willing to be in the videos – everybody

loves to see a smiling face!

What will this information be used for?

Information is taken solely to find out what the best way to increase your security will be.

What is included in the H.S.A?

Receive a Free Home Safety Kit!

New Indoor/Outdoor Deadbolt lock.

New long lasting CFL Light bulbs.

One MasterLock Door Bar or Two Window Alarms.

We’ll help you identify potential risks in and around your home and provide you with resources to help improve your safety and security.

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