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CLEARCorps/ Healthy Homes

CLEARCorps/Detroit works to prevent lead poisoning and create Healthy Homes for children and families through programs, education and outreach, and policy work. They offer programs to help Detroit residents with various environmental concerns associated with the aging housing stock of the city. Programs included are refrigerator replacement, Healthy Homes Detroit, Lead Safe Wayne County, education and outreach, lead abatement grants, lead safe housing and weatherization.

The Healthy Homes Detroit (HHD) Project is working in Central Detroit/North Woodward neighborhoods with the aim of making 180 homes safe and healthy. The Healthy Homes Survey is conducted to create a “healthy homes database” to be shared among agencies with the common goal of promoting healthy home environments, facilitating strategies to remove environmental hazards such as lead, dust and mold often found in old housing stock.

You can find more information about these programs at http://www.clearcorpsdetroit.org/our-programs/

CLEARCorps can be reached at (313) 924-4000 or tg@clearcorpsderoit.org